Penetration and veining defects


Can coatings for Cold Box cores prevent or eliminate veining and penetration defects? Yes of course!

The company Mazzon, leader in the Italian market of foundry coatings, has got more than 50 different water-based or alcohol-based formulations, which prevent this type of defects. They are suitable for the application by dipping of cores in Cold Box or other binders. Some coatings like HYDRO COVER 28 S, HYDRO COVER 66 BRP and HYDRO COVER 89 EU are appropriate for solving the veining issues and have been especially developed for brake discs.
Others like YELLOW COVER XMQ and IRON CAST CR 90 are coatings with high permeability and have been developed for cores of any size.

Our Mission is to offer to our customers the best and effective solution. For this reason, according to each metal type, core dimensions and weight, we can offer a very specific product, tailor-made for every need.