Falling under the application of Legislative Decree 105/2015 (Seveso Law), our fire-fighting systems had long been implemented to ensure maximum safety.
To the first group of electric pumps, installed in 2000, a second group with twice the power of the first has been added, thus reaching at full load, with both groups operating, a water delivery capacity of 4200 litres/min at a pressure of 8 bar.
The two pumping stations, although one is dedicated to the foam systems and the other to the hydrants, are interconnected and draw water from a 90 m3 water reserve which, in case of emergency water use, is immediately supplied by the main water supply system, thanks to an automated system we have designed.
In case of failure of one of the two groups, the second one takes over automatically and, in case of power failure, the emergency generator takes over.
All events are constantly monitored 24 hours a day by an external control centre.
This is a further step forward for the technological innovation of our plants and the protection of the environment.