The new plant for the production of solvent based bituminous products.

Which are the benefits? A big investment for a clear improvement in terms of safety and production capacity.

The year has just begun with another important investment. A new plant for solvent based  bituminous products which strongly increases the production capacity of the factory in Schio was installed in record time, about 30 working days.

The reactor can in fact receive 25-28 tons of liquid bitumen each time at a temperature of 200°C - 250°C and quickly transforms them into 60-70 tons of finished product. The bitumen is mixed with hot aromatic and aliphatic solvents in a system without emissions and is able to withstand significant pressure increases.

The whole process takes place in maximum safety conditions both for workers and for the environment. Production is in fact automated via a software that allows employees to manage the process without being exposed to any risk.

The company is already working for  new targets: implementation of the distribution lines and the storage of semi-finished products and bituminous paints.

Our main goal has therefore been fully achieved: to increase our production capacity in the safest possible way.

Another project  has been carried out according to HA Group's strategy  in order to enhance the production plant in Schio.