Investing despite the crisis

F.lli Mazzon S.p.A. recently equipped with a brand new chemical reactor of 10.000 kg/batch production capacity. This container is made of stainless steel AISI 316, it rests upon load cells and is connected to different raw materials storage tanks. It is part of a huge plant whose main function is sintering special resins, controlling different parameters such as temperature, pressure, vacuum levels, ingredients and additive automatic dosage.

This reactor is equipped with a sophisticated software system run by a powerful PLC, which allows not only the automatic remote maintenance of the whole productive process and of all the parameters registration and archiving, but also the total control of the safety systems. The whole complex meets the requirements of PED and ATEX regulations, since it works at very different pressures from the atmospheric one (both positive and negative), and in an environment at risk of explosion, due to the use of flammable hydrocarbons.

This 1 million Euros reactor is part of a plant that allows F.lli Mazzon S.p.A. to produce higher quality resins at competitive costs in even shorter terms. Improvement operations of plants and equipment, such as this huge investment, are constantly planned in order to cope with an increasingly competitive and demanding global economy, and this investment is part of them. The synthesized resins will be largely based on polymers for the production of benzyletheric-polyurethane resins which are known on the market as Cold Box binders for the production of foundry cores.

Mazzon S.p.A. Equipment
Mazzon S.p.A. Equipment