Mazzon has been operating since 1997 with a certified quality system based on UNI EN ISO 9001 rules.

In 2012 our safety system was certified according to OHSAS 18001 rules and in September 2015 the company obtained the Environmental Management System certification according to ISO 14001 rules.

Our workers’ health and safety and the environment are a priority for our Management. Owing to the presence of toxic, flammable, harmful, irritant and corrosive materials, special precautions are necessary and all workers in the various departments are provided with specific training.

In order to ensure compliance with stricter and stricter regulations, our company adopted an Occupational Health & Safety Management System several years ago, promoting adequate preventive action and the continuous improvement of procedures. We have an IT program that keeps under strict and continuous control all the activities connected with Quality and Safety rules.

Documented risk management plans, improvement plans, staff training, preventive maintenance of machinery and equipment, periodic inspections imposed by procedures and regulations are just some of the activities systematically carried out in the departments.

Moreover, in the last years, the company has decided to embrace the philosophy of Lean Management, whose objective is to maximize customer value by eliminating waste and fostering a culture of continuous improvement and problem solving.

This is an attitude, a system of values that focuses on results and total customer satisfaction through shared behaviors as well as communication and respect for the individual. Our objective is that all employees make these aspects their own, and that they become part and parcel of the company’s culture. 


Quality, safety and environment