The structure of Mazzon R&D has been changing, following the evolution of technology and the market needs.

Mazzon’s R&D laboratories have been constantly evolving, following the development of technology and market needs. During the last years, huge investments has been planned in order to increase its flexibility and efficiency, and to satisfy every need in terms of innovation and competitiveness.

Product quality and highly customized products are the main objective of our R&D laboratories. Their goal is to solve minor and major foundry problems, find the best solutions in terms of application requirements, and improve the customer’s manufacturing process minimizing operating costs.

In order to grant the high and constant quality of the products and to meet the most demanding customers' requirements, Mazzon analyzes all incoming raw materials which are always checked before acceptance. At the same time, all finished products have to be approved before delivery and a certificate of analysis stating their quality parameters is always issued before shipping the goods. The most important requisite is to make sure that customers are provided with products whose quality is constant over time, and which can meet the requirements in the foundry process.. This is possible thanks to the close cooperation in Mazzon, between its R&D laboratories and its sales divisions

Research and development

Research and development