F.lli Mazzon S.p.A. was founded in 1962. It is located in Schio (Vicenza) - Italy, on an area of 28.000 square meters, counting more than 60 employees. For 50 years, F.lli Mazzon has been developing its activity focusing on the production and the supply of chemicals for foundries and building industries.   We always grant the quality of our products,  meeting the demand of  a market that keeps on changing day by day  to reach our Customers’ satisfaction.

Step by step, between 1962 and 1980, the company grew rapidly. These were the years in which the Italian economy flourished and large industries developed, laying the foundations for the network of small- and medium-size companies that were to become a driving force in the years to come.  The Italian foundry sector expanded and F.lli Mazzon developed its business in the production of refractory coatings along with alcoholic thinners and hydrocarbon-based release agents.

The company developed several chemical fields, experimenting new products meeting the demand of local companies which were looking for alternative products to those purchased abroad. Thanks to the many raw materials available, the range of products was extended to include nitro and synthetic solvents for paints and primers, followed by the production of rust-proofing agents and paints for metal protection, in response to market needs.

In these years the market also demanded bituminous coatings, used for the surface-coating of castings employed in the building industry (manhole covers, etc.). These products were the beginning of a future range of waterproof products for the building industry. In the same period there was also a great demand for metal-cleaning detergents for companies producing household appliances. F.lli Mazzon thus developed a series of degreasing and pickling detergents to treat metals before coating with vitreous enamel.

In the 90s, Mazzon second generation moved in focusing on investments, production efficiency and process optimization.  20 years ago, a long period of renovation began and it is still in progress.  The company became increasingly aware of its potential and, after having met local demand for refractory coatings for foundries and consolidated the market of auxiliary products (thinners, release agents, glues, exothermic powders and additives) it began to manufacture binders, meeting with immediate success.

From the beginning Staff training played a central role, as well as the respect of all HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) standards. The company invested heavily in the R&D of innovative products, and opened its doors to Europe and other countries abroad.

From July 2018, the company became part of the HA Group, a world leader in the production of chemical products for the foundry.

Specifically, as a result of this operation, the company F.lli Mazzon will be reconfigured as an autonomous division of the Italian company HA Italia S.p.A., maintaining however the main strategic assets that have characterized its activity in the market.

Thanks to its wide range of products (about 1.000) , the division is now supplying more than 600 companies in Italy and abroad, and has expanded and consolidated its presence in more than 30 countries, also thanks to a widespread network of agents and distributors providing qualified local assistance, on-time and reliable deliveries and high product customization.

Foundry products include no bake systems (furanic, phenolic, alkyd and polyurethane), cold box and hot box binders, insulating refractory coatings in alcohol and water, additives, glues, releasing agents.  

Mazzon adds value to the relationship between its technicians and its Customers, granting a constant improvement of its products according to the industrial growing needs, satisfying all their requests in terms of costs, quality and environmental care.

Choosing Mazzon means you are choosing a reliable, punctual and innovative partner, able to supply the right instruments to foundries and ready to solve their problems efficiently.