ECOSET CO2 E-7: an ecological alternative for core-shops


To make the coreshops more and more green, Mazzon laboratories have improved the ECOSET CO2 E-7 binder system.

Thanks to this system, it is possible to produce sand cores with a cold-box process just by adding a single-component binder hardened by only gassing with CO-2.

This cores can be used both for ferrous and non-ferrous alloys castings by exploiting the following advantages:
• Use of a single component:
   - No need of hazardous or flammable part 2
   - Simpler resin dosing system
• Reduction of odours and VOC emissions
• Good moisture resistance of the cores and improved mechanical strengths
• Better decoring ability compared to those formed in sodium silicate
• Total absence of nitrogen, sulphur and phosphorus

Although this technology has been known for some time, its diffusion has always been limited due to several problems such as low initial mechanical strenghts of the cores.
Thanks to Mazzon research, these disadvantages have been solved by offering further possibilities for the environmental sustainability of coreshops and foundries!