ITIS De Pretto of Schio visiting Mazzon


The students of environmental biotechnology high school, together with Eng. Rigon, had the opportunity to visit our modern environmental systems:
👉 the chemical-physical-biological purifier, serving the washing department, equipped in the final stage with MBR (Membrane Biological Reactor) technology
👉 the RTO (Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer) 3-stage regenerative post-combustor, used to reduce VOC (volatile organic compounds) in the building department extraction systems
👉 the washing tower (Scrubber), for the countercurrent elimination of the alcohol fumes present in the aspiration system of the foundry coating department
👉 the MPE (Multi Phase Extraction) system, for the extraction and treatment of contaminants in the gaseous and liquid phases

It is always a pleasure to involve school students in our production processes and see their great interest in technological innovations regarding environmental protection, which is why we want to renew the invitation to our factories.