20 years together with Czech Republic and Slovakia


A two-day event to celebrate 20 years of activity in which our customers from the Czech Republic and Slovakia came to visit us in Schio.
One day dedicated to the visit of our facilities and one to explore the territory, during which a group visited Venice and another visited the 52 tunnels of Pasubio. All accompanied by wonderful dinners full of good mood and conviviality.

🙏 We thank all the people who celebrated together with us, especially:
✔ our many customers from the Czech Republic and Slovakia
✔ the former employees, who have made our growth in these markets possible
✔ Lucie Sejhonova, Grazyna and Klara, for the excellent work they do on site
✔ Simone Smiderle, our guide on Pasubio.
✔ And all our colleagues