11th edition of the METEF Exhibition


For the 11th edition of the METEF Exhibition, our sales & technical team is proud to present the following technical innovations, with the support of its R&D laboratories:

  • GEOTEC & RUNNER POL: Inorganic binder for the production of thermally stressed castings; It grants very good castings surfaces, dimensional and geometrical precision, good thermal stability and absence of gas porosity.
  • ECOFUR 6000: Line of ecological furan resins, labeled as "harmful", with high content of condensed furfuryl alcohol and free furfuryl alcohol < 40%.
  • ECOFUR 8000: Line of ecological furan resins free from formaldehyde, both during polymer synthesis and casting procedures.
  • GREEN COVER PSE 70 UNI: Refractory coating for the Full Mold process, for cast iron castings marked by high permeability; It is easy to spray, to be used by flow coating and dipping, providing excellent castings surfaces.
  • FOUNDRYLAC MGT/7005: Universal coating on magnesite and alcohol basis, for all types of steel, special and high alloy steel; excellent versatility by spraying, dipping, flow coating and brush retouching applications.
  • LEGANOL HD 131.4 and LEGANOL NL 239: New cold-box resins, which bring to the reduction of percentages of use if compared with the traditional products, thanks to its higher content of active material.
  • HYDROFIX HZ: Penetrating coating used as a primer for molds and cores of iron and steel castings; it grants refractory shells very resistant against high temperatures and metal penetration. In some cases, the use of chromite sand might be avoided.
  • NO COATING XO5 SPECIAL: Anti-veining additive in powder, added to the sand of the cores of the cold-box and polyurethane-based three components process. The product can be used on small and medium-sized cores to remove the coating.



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VERONAFIERE Wed 21st - Sat 24th June 2017 / from 9:30 am to 6 pm

Hall 6 - Stand B38-A39