Low pressure tanks, with manual or automatic air mixer, suitable for coatings.

Supplied with spray guns/tubes/spare parts.

Airless spray
Code Type Capacity lt Weigth kg Height mm Diameter mm
VO094011    89/A airless spray -  pressure 3 bar 24 30 580 310
VP094076    94/R  airless spray -  pressure 8 bar 50 54 750 350
VP095101    95/R  airless spray -  pressure 6 bar 100 82 1210 460

Code Nom du produit Description du produit
VS099349 PISTOLA 26/C coating spray gun nozzle 1,5 mm
VS099311 PISTOLA C2100 air+coating spray gun
VS099577 PISTOLA 500 SIZE 247 airless spray gun
VS099312 PISTOLA TC/6 air+coating spray gun nozzle 2,3 mm
VS099512 TUBO GOMMA Solvent-proof rubber tube - various lengths available
Code Nom du produit Description du produit
Mixers and pumps for coatings
VM098083C AGITATORE + PM/120 PER FUSTI Mixing system equipped with compressed air pressure regulators, recirculating system + Pneumatic spraying equipment (GRUPPO VERNICIATURA PM/120) with pump compressed air inlet tubes, spray airless gun and anti-solvent yellow rubber tube of m 5
VM098045 GRUPPO VERNICIATURA PM/120 Pneumatic spraying equipment
VM098300 GRUPPO VERNICIATURA PH 803 Pneumatic mixer and pump for 23 lt pails with gun and tubes
Produits chimiques pour la fonderie